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Poloniex. Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

Exchange Poloniex ranked among the most large in terms of trading volume and most popular exchanges cryptocurrency in the world. But still inferior palm Binance. Based in 2014Poloniex, LLC. 2018 – Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Initially, it was focused only to work in the US market, however, the idea was revised due to the increasing popularity and rapidly growing trading volume. Currently on the stock exchange Poloniex working traders from all over the world. Wherein interface presented exclusively in English.

Project name

Website address Poloniex

Daily trading volume

  • 4,000 BTC ($ 25,156,816 USD)

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Exchange Poloniex supports 68 cryptocurrency – as of June 2018

  • 0x – (ZRX)
  • Ardor – (ARDR)
  • Augur – (REP)
  • Bitcoin – (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash – (BCH)
  • BitcoinDark – (BTCD)
  • BitcoinPlus – (XBC)
  • BitCrystals – (BCY)
  • Bitmark – (BTM)
  • BitShares – (BTS)
  • BlackCoin – (BLK)
  • Burst – (BURST)
  • Bytecoin – (BCN)
  • Civic – (CVC)
  • CLAMS – (CLAM)
  • Counterparty – (XCP)
  • Dash – (DASH)
  • Decred – (DCR)
  • DigiByte – (DGB)
  • Dogecoin – (DOGE)
  • Einsteinium – (EMC2)
  • Ethereum – (ETH)
  • Ethereum Classic – (ETC)
  • Expanse – (EXP)
  • Factom – (FCT)
  • Florincoin – (FLO)
  • FoldingCoin – (FLDC)
  • GameCredits – (GAME)
  • Gas – (GAS)
  • Gnosis – (GNO)
  • Golem – (GNT)
  • Gridcoin Research – (GRC)
  • Huntercoin – (HUC)
  • LBRY Credits – (LBC)
  • Lisk – (LSK)
  • Litecoin – (LTC)
  • MaidSafeCoin – (MAID)
  • Monero – (XMR)
  • Namecoin – (NMC)
  • NAVCoin – (NAV)
  • NEM – (XEM)
  • Neoscoin – (NEOS)
  • Nexium – (NXC)
  • NXT – (NXT)
  • OmiseGO – (OMG)
  • Omni – (OMNI)
  • PascalCoin – (PASC)
  • Peercoin – (PPC)
  • Pinkcoin – (PINK)
  • PotCoin – (POT)
  • Primecoin – (XPM)
  • Radium – (RADS)
  • Riecoin – (RIC)
  • Ripple – (XRP)
  • Siacoin – (SC)
  • Steem Dollars – (SBD)
  • Stellar – (STR)
  • Storj – (STORJ)
  • Stratis – (STRAT)
  • Synereo AMP – (AMP)
  • Syscoin – (sys)
  • Tether USD – (USDT)
  • Vcash – (XVC)
  • VeriCoin – (VRC)
  • Vertcoin – (VTC)
  • Viacoin – (VIA)
  • Zcash – (ZEC)

Poloniex Project Information

Poloniex provides online service (Platform), which allows Users exchange various block changer tokens. Poloniex may provide others support services for relief sharing tokens such as crediting, limit orders and stop orders. Exchange supports work with more 60 names of cryptocurrency. The most popular are: bitcoin, lightcoin, ethereum, ripl etc. For any operation exchange charges a fee. The size commissions directly proportional the volume of perfect transactions for a specific period of time (month). Poloniex supports work not only with cryptocurrencybut also with big amount currency pairs (over a hundred). To get started It is necessary to create an account and pass three-step verification of identity.

Unfortunately, Contact Information practically missing. All that could be found is representative address in Europe.

Local representative: Circle Trade Europe Limited
Postal Address: White Collar Factory, 1 Old Street, London, England, EC1Y 8AF

Want to contact, strike the bell or write only from the site.

Registration at the Poloniex Exchange

Work on the exchange not difficult. To start need to create account. The procedure does not take much time – just a couple of minutes. Required fill out a standard formafter which you need confirm registration by e-mail.

And if registration is simple, then the identity check will take enough time and take place in 3 stages:

  1. Confirmation of personal data (name, surname, e-mail, country of residence).
  2. At this stage it is necessary provide additional information: the address where you live, your contact phone number, scans of documents with photos that will be able to confirm your identity. For example, a passport, driver’s license, etc. Be patient, because verification of documents may take up to several days. If you have any questions from the technical service, you will receive a letter in the mail containing instructions. When all information is confirmed, the withdrawal limit will increase up to 25 thousand dollars.
  3. If you intend to work with large amountsfrom 25 thousand dollars and more, you need to go third stage identity checks. In this case it is necessary contact technical support Poloniex and get acquainted with requirements. Information not publicly available, the requirements will be determined individually.

Exchange works only with digital currency. Fiat money is missing.

The site has enough legal information as a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

How to work on the Poloniex Exchange

Considered exchange works with 60 names of cryptocurrencywhich include Bitcoin, lightcoin, ethereum, ripl, etc. If you want to know full list cryptocurrency, which works Poloniexgo to official site. Information is available. both registered users and guests.

Exercise any operations implies commission charge. Commission amount directly depends on volume of transactions for a specific period of time (calendar month). The more the user has cryptocurrency turnoverby that lower commission for subsequent transactions.

There is no free demo account.

Poloniex Exchange Reviews

Reviews about this exchange cryptocurrency the most diverse. But, despite positive reviews, on

forums enough complaints on:

  • slow site loading;
  • insufficient prompt technical support;
  • lack of technical indicatorswhich are not impressive professional traders;
  • the absence of Russian version of the site;
  • hard verification user

Well, now I want to listen Your opinion about cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex.

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