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Pro Scalping System

You don’t have to keep track of all the system metrics. Information about the signal is displayed in a separate field on the chart (possible values).
the values are BuyNow, SellNow, and WaitForSignal).

If the current trend persists, the signal to close the transaction is formed at a given price deviation from the average in the opposite
direction. At the same time, the profit from the transaction is always positive.

In the event of a trend change, the closing signal is formed simultaneously with the opposite entry signal.
Thus, the system is equally well suited for scalping in the direction of the trend and for trading inside the channel during the flat.

An example of how the system works is shown in the video below.

An example of how the system works is shown in the video below.

  • Minimum deposit: any
  • Account type: Any
  • Currency pairs: any
  • Timeframe: from M5 to D1

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