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Questi 4 factors could have an impact on the price of bitcoin a day

The price of bitcoin (quote BTC) has started the week in rialzo above 24,000 dollars, following the US Senate’s inflation reduction plan. However, it may experience a pullback in the next few days if the following 4 events are not positive for the markets.

In the first place, the eyes are focused on the inflation report in the United States, due on August 10. “The data on the US inflation will guide the direction of the global markets in the next few weeks,” says Sonam Srivastava, founder of the investment consultant Wright Research.

Riassume che, se i dati sull’inflazione utilisante di questa weekman dovessero essere peggiori del previsto, potremmo assistere a una certa volatilità sui mercati. Something that could affect bitcoin.

Questo perché believes that, as a result, the Federal Reserve (Fed) of the country will continue to have a falco attitude in the next few months. Perhaps with another increase in interest rates of 75 points, according to the projections of Timothy Graf, director of macro strategy EMEA of the company of institutional investments State Street.

If the inflation had to decrease, Srivastava said, he would confirm that the markets were alleging. In particular for the second half of the year. According to a Reuters poll, analysts expect the index to drop from 9.1% in the last report to 8.7%.

Inflazione, commenti della Fed, dollaro e Cina. i fattori che potieri avere un impacto sul bitcoin

Secondly, we need to pay attention to the discourses of the Fed, as they could have an impact on the price of bitcoin and its markets in general. In fact, as already happened in the past, it could happen that even a positive or negative economic data could be perceived by investors al contrario. Ciò è dueto a un forte commento dell’agenzia.

A questo proposito, the financial consultant Anuj Gupta, vice-president of the patrimonial manager IIFL Securities, points out that any mention of the hard line on the part of its officials could trigger a massive sale of assets. Una situation del genere puerde anche portare a un aumento della domanda di dolari USA. Forse come coverage, visto che gli investitors si advalanano dagli asset rischiosi.

Ma la forza del dollaro può anche essere vista modo positivo per gli investors. The third point to consider is therefore the behavior of bitcoin traders in front of the movement of the US currency index these days, which opened the week in a downward trend. In this way, it continues its decline compared to almost a month ago, when it reached a maximum of 20 years, reaching parity with the euro.

The US economy has an impact on the price of bitcoin

“Il dollar USA è stato sostenuto da una combinazione dati economici statunitensi più forti e dai commenti da falco dei regionali della Feda, che hanno geruraciado gli marketo operatori a refzitre le expectations di una svolta dovish della politica della Fed.”

Queste le parole degli valutari di MUFG Derek Halpenny e Lee Hardman. And hanno underlineato di ritenere che ci sia space for un ulteriore rialzo del USA dollar nel breve termine.

Finally, the fourth event that could influence asset prices, including bitcoin, is the conflict between China and the United States on Taiwan. This situation, as well as the Russian war against Ukraine and all the macro tensions, could cause significant market distress. This is what financial analyst Alberto Cárdenas has explained.

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