ELM EA Review

ELM EA Review 2.1

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A couple of months ago, technical support promised me updates for the ELM EA . To be honest, I didn't believe they would. And now they are already installed on my computer. They kept all their promises. The updated ELM EA 2.1 is on the chart. Today + $400 to the deposit. Thanks for your algorithm!
I personally enjoyed trading on the news. The bot has an excellent news filter. When everyone prefers to wait, the bot opens a deal and I'm in the black.
The advantages of ELM EA , I would include a clear filtering of transactions. Just like that, the bot will not open a deal, but only if there are suitable conditions for this. Also, he will not trade in a flat.
The licensed version of the algorithm is a great weapon against the broker, so I recommend to choose a broker from the list provided for work from Jared and follow all recommendations, then you will be as successful as me! Thank you!
Hello! I am a professional trader and over the years I have tried all sorts of bots and different strategies that their authors positioned as successful and complete, after purchase they stopped responding to my messages and the bots were draining my accounts. ELM was the first bot that amazed me the most with its technical support and its instant response to any question, smart logic and three possible modes of operation in one bot, it's fantastic! Jared, a big bow from me! Good luck to all!
I was looking for something similar and when I found and tested the demo, I was amazed. All in all I am satisfied, but I would like to get a complete description of each parameter from the ELM author so it would be clearer what and how to change and which settings to apply at the right moment
Hi all, I use ELM Opti Mt5 version, great bot, which with its flexible settings is able to adjust work with almost any broker and market conditions.
I want to share my opinion on the work of this algorithm after a year. It was not always easy and simple to earn with the first broker I liked, because not all brokers have suitable trading conditions and honest relationships with their clients. But with technical support and lots of recommendations from her, I have found several brokers with whom I work successfully up to now with ELM Pro version. Great bot for which I did not regret to pay so much money!