Review Night Hunter Pro forex breakout ea

Review Night Hunter Pro forex breakout ea 6.28

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The advisor has track: many months of steady trading with low drawdown:
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High Risk Signal
Only 9 copies available for $1500!
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Night Hunter Pro
is an advanced scalper, using clever entry/exit algorithms with filters to determine the safest entry points during calm market periods. This system is focused on long term growth. It is a professional system that I developed many years ago that is constantly updated to include the latest innovations in trading. Nothing fancy, no tester grail or "risk-free martin", just a strict rule-based approach to trading that maximizes returns while controlling risk
I suggest disabling carry trades through the weekend (item 5.5) while the markets are volatile!
Recommended TF: M5
MT 5 version
Tested compatibility with FTMO - email me for details
Advisor does not use martingale or grid. He only enters a trade with pending orders and
and uses a stop loss for every trade!


  • One Chart Setup: one chart to trade all pairs
  • Support for multiple currency pairs
  • Solid backtest and real signal
  • Advanced News filter
  • Automatic detection of GMT
  • System Self-diagnosis
  • Filter negative swap

How to install​

  • Advisor must be attached ONLY to one chart M5, preferably EURUSD
  • If your broker uses a suffix (like EURUSD.a), you need to update the names in the Symbol
  • Use only the recommended pairs. The .set files are not needed, all settings are stored inside the EA
  • Please allow web queries to the following URLs to filter news and define GMT (delete spaces!):
    1. https: //
    2. https: // www.
If you have questions, contact management!


  • Advisor requires good brokerage conditions: low spread and
slippage during rollover. My advice is to use a good ECN broker. Contact me personally for advice
  • Advisor must run on VPS constantly


  • Allow Opening a new trade
  • Lot-sizing Method -select the lot-sizing method according to the risk taken: Fixed Lots will use the fixed lot from Fixed lot, Dynamic Lots will use the Dynamic Lot parameter, Max Risk per Trade will calculate lots based on % risk per trade,and3 preset sets will automatically calculate risk for you
  • Fixed Lot - fixed trading lot
  • Dynamic Lot - balance/equity to use at 0.01 lot
  • Maximum Lot - maximum allowed lot
  • Maximum Spread, in pips
    - maximum allowable spread for closing position
  • Maximum Slippage for a non-ECN acc, in pips - maximum allowable slippage
  • Maximum Symbols at a time - maximum allowed number of symbols, that can be opened at once
  • Allow to Buy/Sell - on/off deals to buy/sell
  • Maximum Drawdown Percent - if the floating drawdown exceeds the specified %, the Expert Advisor will close the open positions
The Strategy
  • Symbols separated by comma -the list of pairs to trade. Suffix must be specified, if your broker uses it!
  • Hour to Start / Stop Plating Orders - when to start / end placing pending orders. Set Smart Time Filter to false if you want to optimize these settings
  • Smart Time Filter - enable/disable smart time filter
  • Hour to Stop Trading (on Friday)
- the hour to stop trading (on Friday). All open positions will be closed during this hour
  • StopLoss, in pips - stop loss value in standard 4-digit points
  • Hide StopLoss - on/off hiding SL
  • Rollover Time Filter - on/off rollover filter
  • Swap Filter -cancels trade on Wednesday night to the negative swap
  • Max Negative Swap, in pips - max. negative swap
  • News Filter Enabled - turn news filter on/off
  • Trade Comment - comment
  • UID (0 ... 9) - EA instance number
  • ShowPanel - enable/disable info panel
  • GMT / DST Test - GMT winter and
DST in

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Latest reviews

Bought the EA and already got some trades that match the EA signal. So far everything works as expected. Asked the developer to add more risk management options several days ago but did not get it yet. Will update the review later.
Upd.: already got profit, trades matched EA signal. Risk management option added by my request. Developer always quick to answer and works on EA improvement Change review to 5* and will update it regularly.
Upd.#2: the EA got some new updates. EA signal reached new highs that match my profit. Everything good so far.
Upd.#3: tried the EA on 2 brokers not mentioned by developer. Results are good and trades almost same as on IC markets.
Upd.#4: compared results on 3 different brokers with developer. Trades are close and results almost the same.
I've been looking for a quality night scalper at a reasonable price and I found it here. 1) live signals using this EA which are a very good sign 2) author helpful and supportive always willing to help 3) my trades so far matched author signal exactly. Everything I see so far indicates a solid 5* product. Will update results later
Edit: running the product on a live account for about 3 weeks now. So far results are almost the same as the author signal, getting same profit. Author is very fast to respond to my questions. The update shows that product is supported well
Edit: running EA for about a month on my accounts. Results are very close to author signal