Review The Power of Unity MT4 breakout bot

Review The Power of Unity MT4 breakout bot 5.1

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Monitoring : Signals My

MT4 and MT5 version, because of the difference in platforms and complexity of implementation one-to-one will have different results.

All buyers receive an Expert Advisor as a gift!

The system works in the evening, using the patterns of price behavior in this period of trade.
The system has a floating take profit to protect your deposit, which can be both positive and negative, allowing you to cut your losses.

Signal on MT4: Profile#!tab=stats

Signal on MT5: Signals My

MT5 version of the EA:

Important! Because of the difference in capabilities of MT4 and MT5 platforms, the MT5 version will have more functionality, because MT4 version can't add some functions and will be cheaper than MT5 version.
But you can evaluate both versions. The differences between the versions are not considerable now, so will not influence the results of trading very much.

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EA works on:

M5 timeframe .

In the picture in the description you can see how the currency pairs are prescribed, to trade from one chart.

Different brokers will have different tests in the strategy tester, this applies to any advisor, so if you have to test the advisor with several brokers.

Write the currency pairs in the Symbols of Trade :

(so even if there is a SUFFIX at your brokerage, write it WITHOUT SUFFIX, and the

The main ,to make the traded symbols available in the Market Watch. Not all currency pairs are open in Market Watch by default.

Please pay attention to my other products :

use brokers with low spreads.


This function will show how bad or good opens and closes orders your broker for the entire trading history, regardless of how many advisors trade on the account!

Write the currency pairs without suffixes on the right line= Currency pairs (single chart trade) that will be used by the EA, copy these currency pairs:

Suffix (enter if the currency pair has the ending) .m or _m (detailed in section WHAT IS NEW AFTER REVIEWS)
Lot Size=fixed lot if MM is disabled
MM=enabled AutoLot

The amount for which 0.01 lot will be opened=1000 (in this setting the EA will open 0.01 lot for every 1000 lots, if you have a deposit of 5000, it will open 0.05 lot)​

Monday market opening do not trade = if True, then it will not trade ...Monday night will trade
WednesdayTrade on Wednesday (triple swap day)=if true then it trades on Wednesday
Magic= magic number of advisor
Comment= comment on the deals of advisor

Link to the description of the news filter settings in this article:​

Use the translator to translate into your language.

You can also watch the video at the bottom of the page to see how this advisor works.

You should understand that in the financial markets, there are no guarantees, all we can do is to manage the risk and change the algorithm.

Anticipate how much we will earn!

Ready to sell the source code of the Advisor, for details, please contact personal messages.

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Latest reviews

I think this ea has a lot to prove in live performance, all of the monitoring of the author is on demo, these types of ea is highly affected by slippages but on demo account there are no slippages. It is making profits with my account but not other night scalping ea that really performs live.

The ea is highly accurate on the trades on my account but not very frequent. I would recommend the ea for those people with minimal risk appetite.

Ill update my review once it performs well on my live account but as of this time, this is enough for the said ea.

Good job for the author.
EA has been making great results on a few different brokers so far. Pavel has been very helpful and very supportive. I think EA can also be added a few safety options like a tri-swap filter, news filter, or no over-weekend trades, but this is my personal idea. Some backtest results are better with over-weekend orders but some are not. Looking forward to long-term stable performance.
The adviser works well, Pavel answered my questions instantly, thank you Pavel.