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Stochastic Signals

This index implements a renowned trend trading plan based on Stochastic, with 2 degrees for buys (40 and 80) and two levels for earnings (60 and 20). when the upward movement begins, the oversold level rises up, by 20 to 40. When there’s a downward movement, the overbought level goes down, from 80 to 60. hence, the strategy has 4 levels. obviously, it isn’t very convenient to monitor signals using a regular Stochastic with 4 levels, so this index highlights inputs and outputs using arrows and sends notifications about signals to your email, mobile device, as well as displays signals using alerts, if the corresponding functions are enabled in the input parameters. Also, the tracking of ascending or descending movements can be enabled in the input parameters or by using the corresponding buttons of the user interface, as shown in the figure. Then the indicator will give signals only for the selected direction of movement.

The indicator works on all accounts, but for a more successful application, it is recommended to choose a non-spread broker.

Input parameters

  • kperiod – K-Stochastic period
  • slowing-Stochastic smoothing
  • MA_Method – type of Stochastic smoothing
  • priceField – method of calculation of the Stochastic    
  • closeSellLv – the closing level of sales
  • openselllv – sales opening level
  • closeBuyLv – the closing level of purchases
  • openbuylv – level of opening purchases
  • signalbar – signal bar
  • shortentry – enter short positions
  • longentry – enter long positions
  • testnotif-send a test notification to your email and mobile device
  • MailSend-sending notifications about signals to the mail
  • notifsend-sending signal notifications to your mobile device
  • alert-signals in alerts
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The D-period of the Stochastic is always equal to 1

The D-period of the Stochastic is always equal to 1

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