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Chainalysis Director Reveals US Authorities Confiscated $30 Million Worth of North Korea-Linked Hack

Senior director at Chainalysis Erin Plante revealed at the Axiecon event held on Thursday that US authorities had confiscated about $30 million worth of cryptocurrency from North Korean-sponsored hackers. Noting that the operation was aided by law enforcement and top crypto organizations, Plante explained: “More than $30 million worth of cryptocurrency stolen by North Korean-linked […]

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North Korea is likely culprit behind $ 100 million crypto heist, researchers say:

A photo illustration showing the North Korean flag and a computer hacker. Budrul Chukrut |: Sopa Images |: Lightrocket |: Getty Images North Korean state-sponsored hackers were likely the perpetrators of a hack that led to the theft of around $ 100 million in cryptocurrency, according to analysis from blockchain researchers. The hackers targeted Horizon, […]

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