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    Reviews of ELM EA MT5

    I'm about to start work, does anyone already use this bot?
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    ELM EA working with licensed version of MT4/MT5

    Hello everyone:) I would like to know the opinion of those who work with licensed versions of ELM EA. I am planning to make a purchase, because the demo version showed unbelievable results with different brokers for 3 months. I would also like to know what to expect when buying the license...
  3. Forex Trading Robot

    ELM EA Review 2.1

    An overview of the main features of the ELM EA The ELM EA is a fully automated cross-platform trading bot. It makes one trade at a time and does not use dangerous strategies such as martingale. The lot size of the next order is not tied to the results of previous ones and remains the same as set...