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Tamadog Record FOMO Towards TAMA Presale Close

As the presale of the controversial Tamadoge (TAMA) token came to an end a few days ago and was followed by a massive FOMO purchase. According to an analyst on the Discard channel of popular crypto trader Jacob Bury, TAMA purchases worth over 55.8 ETH were tracked to Etherscan in the run-up to the presale close, and 40 ETH was tracked to the same source before that.

Tamadoge tapped its target milestone of 19 million USDT ($19 million) on September 18. According to Bury, this was significantly higher than the 2014 Ethereum ICO and the 2022 STEPN ICO.

That said, the next phase on the Tamadoge roadmap involves making it to crypto exchange listings. The crypto project has already announced LBank and Uniswap DEX for potential listings, with more CEX listings believed to be in the works.

The crypto project is scheduled to announce some listings in a few hours! TAMA will have a listing price of $0.03, with a maximum supply of 2 billion tokens.

Tamadoge announced how presale investors can claim their TAMA tokens via their official telegram channel, which now boasts over 51,000 members. Meanwhile, buyers can also sign up to an official mailing list or Discord to claim their tokens. It remains worth mentioning that users should only interact with Tamadoge through official channels highlighted on the website to avoid falling victim to scams.

Tamadoge Presale One of the Most Spectacular in 2022

The TAMA presale ran for only eight weeks, from July 25 to September 18, making it one of the most successful cryptocurrency presales this year, alongside Battle Infinity (IBAT).

The FOMO buying recorded ahead of the presale end strongly indicates that TAMA will likely outperform expectations on the day of launch. Interestingly, the crypto project recently got featured on CNBC for having remarkably high potential because of its deflationary tokenomics and Metaverse gaming product.

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