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Tamadoge viene quotato sui principali exchange di criptovalute

Given the recent fall in the value of cryptocurrencies, some investors may have sought refuge in the prevendita del token più pubblicizzato dell’anno.

Durante la: prevendita su Tamadoge.io: si è registrado il tutto esaurito di TAMA. Despite the unstable status of the cryptocurrency market, this happened in a rather short period.

Al momento, il Bitcoin ha perso il 6% del suo valore nell’ultima giornata. The minimum of the day for Binance is 18,670 dollars. With the approach of the meeting of the FOMC on Wednesday, it is possible that traders were reducing their exposure to risk.

In the next phase, investors will be able to recover their TAMA token

The information about how to do it safely will be published on the official channels of Telegram and Discord of the project itself today, September 20.

È improbabile che un administratore vi mandi un messaggio diretto, quindi pay attention ai truffatori. Moreover, investors of Tamadoge can choose to receive updates via email. LBank is one of the principal exchanges that last month announced on Twitter that it will quote TAMA.

Uniswap will also host the initial offering of DEX (IDO) of Tamadoge, an ERC-20 token. It was decided to fix TAMA’s quotation price at 0.03 dollars.

The presale of Tamadoge would be terminated earlier than expected and the team is now proceeding with the quotation of all TAMA cryptocurrency exchanges.

Balena responsable della fine anticipata della prevendita di Tamadoge?

In the course of the weekend, more than one million dollars was collected thanks to CNBC’s coverage of a new cryptocurrency token that could increase in value by a factor of 10 or more.

BeInCrypto, NewsBTC and other important cryptocurrency media have talked about Tamadoge.

As noted by Jacob Crypto Bury, on Sunday a Tamadoge was purchased on Etherscan for the equivalent of 55.8 ETH.

The operation could turn out to be positive, since Ethereum has lost 10% of its value in the last day.

During the London Metaverse Week, Carl Dawkins, who is responsible for the growth of Tamadoge, spoke at a symposium on Blockchain and NFT. A lui si sono uniti alcuni altri possessori di TAMA.

Because the mood and the wait of the investors are more strong during the first phase of a new cryptocurrency project, the prevendite and the ICO for this token generally outweigh the negative circumstances, even if the day of the launch is a red day.

It is possible that the value of Bitcoin will increase after the day of the FOMC, which will follow in real time on the crypto-currency.

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