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The blue dollar could close the year at 400 pesos in Argentina

The blue dollar rose to 343 ARS and the projections estimate that, longi dal fermarsi, it could reach 400 ARS or more in the rest of 2022.

“Today we forecast a blue dollar at 400 ARS in the best case by the end of the year,” said economist Natalia Motyl. So far, in the first 7 months of 2022, the blue dollar has increased by more than 64%, from 208 to 343 ARS.

“We are going through a fiduciary crisis that has worsened in the last weeks, after the political change,” he said. Properly in reference to all the resignations of the Minister of Economy Martin Guzman at the beginning of July, che hanno scatenato le turbulenceen del mercato.

At the same time, it indicates that this is framed in an external context adverse to the increase in interest rates on the part of the main international banks. This situation has an impacto negativo sui mercati emergenti come l’Argentina. In addition, the relator affirms that an energetic shock aggravates the accumulation of reserve BCRA.

“Questo provoca una maggiore domanda di beni esteri per protegersi”, he affirmed. For this reason, in the last few days in Argentina, there has been an increase in the purchase of dollars and stable coins with parity with the dollar, which has led to an increase in their price.

Gli argentini acquistano dollari o stablecoin per protegersi dalla dvalutazione

Lo specialista di economia e criptovalute affirma. “La gente sta fuggendo dal peso perché oggi non svolge una delle sue funcción, quella di reserverva di valore”. Alla luce di ciò, avverte che gli argentini possono protegersi aquistando dollari o USD Coin (quote USDC). Si tratta della seconda stablecoin con la maggiore capitalizzazione di mercato, dopo tether (USDT).

The document specifies that the stablecoin can be exchanged at any time, without restrictions and, in some cases, at a price superior to that of the blue one. For this reason, it has become an option of choice for Argentines.

“Inoltre, some digital platforms offer profits on the accumulation of this crypto currency. It’s an excellent option to protect against a devaluation,” he says about investment products in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Come si può frenare l’ascesa del dollaro blue in Argentina?

Motyl ha anche espresso il suo parere su come frenare l’ascesa del dollaro blu. From his point of view, he believes that the government, in front of a race against the peso, should apply a restrictive monetary policy (bruciare i pesos che nessuno vuole).

Ritiene inoltre che dovreve aumentare i tassi di intereste e reduritre il deficit fiscale, il che la costringe a ricorrere all’injection di carta colorata per finanziarlo. In this way, it is believed to be able to try to stimulate demand for local assets and to calm the markets so that the blue dollar continues to rise.

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