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The developer of Bitcoin ignited the debate on maximalism

Per lo developer Matt Corallo, “i maxi Bitcoin are a race on the way of extinction”. According to him, “c’è stato un tempo in cui tutto, tranne il Bitcoin (quote BTC), was fundamentally a scam”, but now it’s not the same. Instead, he says, “i soldi intelligenti si sono shiftati per capire quali projects vanno da qualche parte e quali sono uno spreco”.

The former maintainer of the code of Bitcoin Core believes that the defenders of the coin created by Satoshi Nakamoto have passed the time to attack other projects. According to him, it would be better to explain why Bitcoin is great and unique.

Le sue parole, in a long thread on Twitter, si rivolgono poi a Ethereum e al suo imminente passaggio a Proof of Stake (PoS). “With Ethereum that finally passes to PoS, the people who have heard the saying that ‘PoS will not work’, bitcoiners will still have fewer reasons to be interested in what bitcoiners have said.”

Corallo adds that the attack on other projects could motivate the ethereum (come already happened in the past with the supporters of XRP) to pressure the regulatory authorities to intervene against proof-of-work mining, as “fa ribollire l” oceano”. Recommended instead:

Concentrate on why Bitcoin is unique, talk about the difference in approach and concentrate on why Bitcoin is the only true candidate for truly neutral currency on the Internet. Sottolineate come i modelli di funding cambino la neutralità, ma non definiteli una trufa, perché non lo sono. – Matt Corallo, former maintainer of Bitcoin Core.

Samson Mow. “Matt è sulla via del cazzeggio”.

Corallo’s words on Twitter have provoked reactions both of support and disapproval. One of his most fervid critics is Samson Mow, CEO of JAN3 and former chief strategy officer of Blockstream. “Matt è sulla strada del cazzeggio”, he wrote.

Mow non share l’idea che le altcoin non siano truffe ma progetti con objeti diversi dal Bitcoin. For him, however, l’afferazione che “tutto, tranne il Bitcoin, è una truffa” è più che mai valida.

Finally, the former director of Blockstream has reminded his followers on Twitter, in an ad hominem attempt to discredit Corallo, that the latter introduced a bug in the Bitcoin code a year ago (correctly) that added some vulnerabilities.

Sostegno a Corallo

Mow has received some criticism for his argument, including that of Wladimir Van der Laan, ex-capo developer of Bitcoin Core. “Questo è davvero basso, tutti committento errori e un errore è anche fault di altri per non averlo rilevato nella revisiono”, ha scritto l’informatico.

Even the Argentinian Franco Amati, co-founder of ONG Bitcoin Argentina, expressed his opinion on the matter. In risposta al commento di Mow, he wrote: “Matt is very valid and representativo dei bitcoiners della maggior parte di noi. Siamo grati per il suo lavoro e forse dovreste esserlo anche voi”.

Another supporter of Corallo’s position is “Luna”, host of the Lunaticoin podcast. Ha ritwittato una declaration del bitcoiner che si identifica come @bitdov. “I veri maxi sono tutti intorno a voi and sono razionali e ragionevoli. Non sono loro gli idioti che cryano “truffa!”. La guerra narrative vi sta fuorviando”.

It is not the first time (and probably not the last) that a noto bitcoiner is criticized for not having radicalized his position. As reported in September 2020, divulgator Andreas Antonopoulos has received harsh criticism for having made some comments favorable to Ethereum and decentralized finance (DeFi).

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