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The FBI arrested AD on a crypto platform in New York:

Eddy Alexandre, the delegate administrator of the cryptocurrency trading platform EminiFX, has been arrested by the FBI on the basis of commercial and telematics access.

Second, the official announcement of the Department of Justice from the United States, Alexandre is looking for a fraudulent platform for investing and trading in cryptocurrencies and is trying to solicit investments for 59 million dollars per cent of clients, until September 2021.

Alexandre avrebbe fatto false promesse offrenden an alto potential in yield and contained in particular that most customers of the free platform dive millionaires in pochi anni that aveserero invest 100.000 dollars.

Commenting on the case, the United States procurator Damian Williams said that “in reality, there was no technology of this type, but Alexandre avrebbe invested in the money – the maggior part of the qua ha perso – and transferred the maggior part of sui suoi conti personali per pagare oggetti di lusso per sé ”.

The FBI vice president Michael J. Driscoll added:

“Come on, Alexandre has accumulated millions of dollars and inconsistent investors who have ‘guaranteed’ a 5% return on their trading platform using a new technology that has been rebounded. “If you want to find out more about what has been done before, you can use some of the important funds of the selected investor funds to acquire the desired costs per se”.

Alexandre avrebbe transfers almeno $ 14.7 million in funds to investors who own personal banking accounts, in addition to investing as promising. The company has revealed that it will save as much as $ 155,000 in investor funds to compare a BMW to $ 13,000 per car.

The legality of cryptocurrencies continues to proliferate:

When it comes to precedent, you use the portfolio of the cryptocurrency Web3 MetaMask to keep track of the phishing attacks that various cryptocurrency websites have taken place. Questi, CoinGecko, DeFiPrime and DexTools.

Etherscan has opened:

“🚨 We receive reciprocal phishing popup signals to integrate a third party and get instant access.

If there is any attraction or non-confirmation of the transactions that apply to the website. ”

The City of London Police Department’s investigation into the “cryptocurrency exchange” in London, which resulted in a sudden influx of sterling in cryptocurrency.

I criminali prendevano di mira gli: cryptocurrency investments: gestiti on smartphone, targeting and owning or applying physical force to access the access or account.

In March, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s brother and brother-in-law, John Atina Barksdale, were charged with a $ 124 million fraudulent scheme that involved the Ormeus Coin digital currency. In the official press release you will find:

“[…] gli imputati hanno fakeformato that Ormeus Coin era supported by one of the largest cryptocurrency mining operations in the world, even though they mined their mining operations in 2019 after generating a menu of 3 million dollars in total mining. Come on, in most of these communications with investors, the most influential deals are that Ormeus Coin had a $ 250 million cryptocurrency mining operation and produced $ 5.4 million to $ 8 million in cash mining ”.

E voi siete mai stati vittime di schemi fraudolenti? What do you think of cybercriminals who claim to be the best investor? Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate nella sezione dei commenti qui sotto.

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