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The financial pyramid Hello Money

The financial pyramid in 2019 turned one hundred years old. And although more than once the police proved that it was a scam, for some reason people still are being led to this type of divorce.

Hello moneytypical financial pyramid. The project came into my view the day before its launch. It’s good. Perhaps someone will read my review and not invest their money in Hello money.

Information about the project “Hello Money”

Especially over the legend of their project, swindlers did not bathe. Here’s what nonsense they wrote:


Welcome to your business project

Get financial independence. Schedule independence. You deserve it tell me Hello money!

No invitations

  • Our advertising campaign allows you to not invite participants yourself

No attachments

  • You can start without investing your money, getting bonuses from referrals

Anywhere in the world

  • You only need the Internet to earn

Rogues plan to launch a scam October 8, 2019 (I am writing this review on October 7th). Charlatans claim that 1009 people have joined Hello Money. It smacks of lies.

How do liars offer to earn? Everything is simple. Hello money– matrix project with binary marketing + transition to a live queue. To get into the project, you need to pay 350 rubles, and then either hope for the best and wait, or invite referrals. The project has affiliate rewards from each personally invited person.

What does the matrix structure look like? Total there six marketing planswhich replace each other in turn:

  • Tariff “Hello”
  • Hello Queue
  • Tariff “How are u?”
  • Queue “Business”
  • Tariff “I’m fine!”
  • Premium Queue

Each tariff has three levels. At the first level, 2 people should join the project, at the second – 4 people, at the third – 8. The transition to levels and other tariffs occurs automatically. With each transition, the participant allegedly receives money. At the last stage, supposedly you can deduce 400 000 rubles, and all – more 650 000 rubles. And this is with a contribution to 350 rubles? They made fun.

How much will referrers earn? It’s not clear for sure. The rates shown are for the “Hello” rate only. At the first level, the inviter will receive 50 rublesand then nothing.

Project Contacts

In contact with: – a small group

VK admins:

  • Denis Nikitin:
  • Sergey Panchenko:

Telegram: @hellomoneytop

Post office: (email protected)

Exposing the “Hello Money” Project

To begin with, the domain was registered by anonymous September 18, 2019 (19 days before writing this review). As Google’s cache showed, a scam is at least survived one season. True, the tariffs were a little more modest. The entry price was only 250 rubles. Most likely, the grandmother’s divorce was a success, and the crooks decided that if they were lucky, then they could raise the prices.

As you can see, the last season of the scam did not last long. What is this talking about? That the new season will also be short. This is not surprising. After all, the financial pyramid itself is inherently an unviable project.

How does she work? Participants who invested first get profit from new investors. In order for the pyramid to grow, more and more new participants must regularly join it, who will invest more and more money. There will come a time when there is not enough money for everyone and the scam will burst. However, crooks often do not expect a natural system crash. They still rob investors at the start.

pay attention to affiliate program. It is indicated that referrals will receive 50 rubles from each person brought. So what is next? And then there is nothing. That is salese the investor will not get to the second level!

Let’s take a closer look at the marketing plan. Fraudsters are asking to invest 350 rubles. On the first level, you supposedly earn 100 rubles. As soon as another person joins the project, you will automatically be taken to the second level. As soon as 4 people gather there, you will receive 400 rubles. That is, your contribution will pay off with interest. But will there ever be this transition? I doubt it. At best, you will return One hundred rubles from spent three hundred and fifty: fifty will take the referral, and 200 – swindlers. At worst you will not even get a hundred.

After all, scammers use Payeerwallet. This payment service allows you to make anonymous payments. Tracking money is almost impossible.

Possible losses on the project “Hello Money”

Total: calculation of possible losses on the project 350 rubles

Conclusion about the project

HelloMoney – typical financial pyramid. The financial pyramid was invented by Charles Ponzi (Ponti) already in 1919 in the USA. Despite the fact that its author was exposed, sentenced to five years, and then expelled from America to his homeland in Italy, his divorce scheme is still valid.

People believe that they are able to earn a lot of money from scratch. But as you know, naive investors go broke first. So be prudent and do not mess with financial pyramids and their creators.

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