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The Meme Token With Real-World Utility

TamaDoge (TAMA) is one of the hottest presales making a killing in the crypto market today. The developers of this project plan to revolutionize the meme coin sector through the power of a tightly-knit community and utility.

Unlike many of the original meme coins, such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, TamaDoge is rich in utility and real-world use cases. The utility is one of the most limiting factors for most meme tokens, considering that’s what investors turn to when the hype dies out. That said, utility is a key determining factor in the success and longevity of a crypto project, and TamaDoge has carved a niche for itself with its use case.

Understanding TamaDoge

TAMA is an ERC-20 token, meaning that it was built on the Ethereum blockchain, and adopts a unique approach to mixing meme token ideas with play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics.

At the first glance of its website, you can immediately see the richness of utility and gaming spirit that the TamaDoge team aims to bring to life. This crypto project allows gamers the opportunity to earn recurring prices through skillful gameplay.

Users are allowed to mine, breed, groom, and fight their TamaDoge pets to unearth rewards. To make it even better, these pets are designed like NFTs, as each token possesses a unique set of qualities that sets it apart from the rest.

TamaDoge pets are minted in early life form, meaning owners have to raise and groom their pets properly until they mature. At maturity, these pets can compete in competitions against other pets and win rewards for their owners.

TamaDoge’s Timeline

TamaDoge has legibly highlighted its timeline activities over the coming year on its website. The first on the list is the ongoing token presale, which has racked up some coverage in the crypto space. Currently, one token goes for $0.01 or 1 USDT for 100 TAMA. The live feed presale widget on the website shows that over $560,000 worth of tokens have been sold. The presale ends on August 31.

TamaDoge pets launch is next on the agenda and is set for Q4 of this year. As mentioned earlier, these virtual pets provide notable utility and create an avenue to earn rewards.

Between Q1 and Q2 2023, the TamaDoge team will focus on further boosting the adoption and use of the project with Metaverse partnerships and CEX listings. In Q3 of that year, the platform would launch its P2E arcade portal for mature pets to compete.

Finally, the TamaDoge development team will release an augmented reality (AR) software that allows gamers to interact with their TamaDoge pets in an immersive manner on the TamaVerse, TamaDoge’s Metaverse in Q4 2023. A calendar this is.

Investors or users interested in finding out more or participating in the presale can log on to the TamaDoge website and download the readily available whitepaper.

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