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The world& first instant loans secured by cryptocurrency from Nexo

Thanks to the incredible popularity of cryptocurrency, there are new opportunities for its implementation. Nexo provides you with loans secured by cryptocurrency. Let’s take a closer look.

Official site


  • [email protected]

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Nexo is a company project Crissywhich was one of the first to introduce repayment of bitcoin credits. How is the loan going?

  1. Transfer the cryptoactives to your secure nexo wallet
  2. Loan becomes available instantly. No credit check
  3. Immediately manage money using a card or withdraw funds to a bank account
  4. No minimum payments for repayment of loan and hidden payments

Cryptocurrency accepted in the system:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Nexo token
  • Binance coin
  • XRP
  • True USD
  • There is a discount for a loan when replenishing the wallet Nexo token
  • The loan can not be exceeded your total assets

Platform Terms

The first thing to note: the minimum loan amount you can take is 1000 dollars. Maximum – 2,000,000 dollars. That is, you need to replenish your internal wallet with a cryptocurrency minimum of 60 000 rubles.

  • If you are paying a loan or part of a loan Nexo tokensthen your interest rate will be 8% per annum. If not, then 16%
  • In order to take any credit or deposit funds, you need to go through a basic verification. It involves entering the name, address, phone
  • Loan = Equal to assets
  • Credit is given for an unlimited period
  • If the borrower does not pay the loan on time, an additional interest of 2% per annum will be charged.
  • Also, your assets will be sold on the cryptocurrency exchange at current quotes to repay your loan, and the limit will be cut or it will not become at all.
  • You will be dialed to the left number and mail in case of non-payment of the loan.
  • You do not need help and data on income. Your credit history doesn’t matter.


What is the main advantage Nexo? The fact that it is convenient and easier compared to traditional loans. Here everything happens instantly and you are not attached to anything.

The site itself has an adaptive design. Very convenient to use. You do not need to upload any documents. Everything is done quickly and instantly.


  • Cryptocurrency investors
  • Crypto miners
  • Hedge funds
  • Cryptocurrency exchange
  • ICO and cryptocurrency companies

If you are one of the listed clients, then such a loan is most likely suitable for you. It will also be relevant for those who have a cryptocurrency, but a bad credit history. Remember that the minimum loan from 1,000 dollars.

A lot of useful reference materials. If there is no translation into Russian, then use the appropriate tools for translation.

Terms of use of the site, the Privacy Policy is presented in all languages ​​available on the site, including in Russian.

The trust

The domain of the site was registered in January 2018, the site did not change its activities. It is worth paying attention to the fact that servers are in the USA. In this case, it is important – the site is engaged in the collection of personal data, not being the official operator. According to the legislation of the Russian Federation personal data of users can not be stored outside of Russia.

February 2019 site trust level dropped to -10. But there are no negative reviews about the project. As well, and any other.

Project itself Nexo was formed from the company Credissimo, which has been operating since 2007. In fact Crissy is the founder. Nexo has undergone several audits, including Deloitte

There is no information about the legality of activities on the territory of the Russian Federation on the site. Legal entity data too.

Crissy uses innovative own technologies to provide the following:

  • Instant Consumer Loans Online
  • Ecommerce finance
  • Billing Services

Nexo – this is a big project. To those people who “turn” in cryptocurrency can be useful.

The project in February 2019 entered the CIS territory. Became well advertised. Just look at the chart. On the day of his visit more than 100,000 people. At the moment, Russia ranks second in the number of visits. The first is Brazil.

In fact, users are provided with fiat funds in accordance with the volume that they have frozen in digital currency. Some symbiosis of the exchanger and mortgage loan.


The era of cryptocurrency came a few years ago. Now various tools for its development and maintenance are being introduced. There are practically no real feedback on the platform’s work on the network. Reviews and custom articles a lot. Whether to use the services of the site, you decide. And if you are already a user and you have experience interacting with this resource, share your impressions.

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