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“There is a lot of pressure in the world to censor the Internet”

“There is a lot of pressure in the world for internet censorship,” said David Vorick, Skynet’s main developer. This is where this mat, 8 May, takes place during your presentation at the MIT Bitcoin Expo, organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.

The situation of the giant search engines:

The specialist explains that, with the argument of preventing phishing attacks (for example, fraudulent paychecks being created to protect people), you are constantly making progress and avoiding Internet neutrality. This is a principle that promotes that all traffic on the network should be treated in a modest way, without restriction, as long as the internet user has the right to choose freely from online resources.

“Google can decide, for an arbitrary region, that a single web site should not exist,” says Vorick. For example, in your business, a decentralized file-sharing platform has its own problems. If you do not comply with KYC (know your customer) policies and do not attempt to download all of these file types from their archiving system, their website will not be popularized by popular search engines.

“With Chrome, we do not want to sign service appointments,” he said, referring to the fact that he sent a message to the cart on their website and provided information that no malware was removed and that no malware was removed.

Components of Skynet supply only infrastructure:

“We come to a portal where you can find the file and the web site, and when you use our web site, you do not control the interface.

All in all, Skynet wanted to add its functionality for no other message than Google:

“Google’s an industry of $ 1.5 billion, with 100,000 dependents. On the contrary, we still have 14 dependents and Google has a high position. This is not the case here. Google is a great company that protects the sole price of Asia and is an internet regulator ”- David Vorick, Skynet’s main developer.

For Vorick, what is successful with your Google account is “an effective pass” and “a very serious violation”. “Google automatically detects that your web site needs to be certified with the condition that billions of people can be accessed,” he said.

“Internet restoration should not be considered”

The specialist is responsible for that, in the matter of regulation, in which the direction is directed in the direction of equilibrium. Per lui, è sbagliato incoraggiare gli ISP ad essere coinvolti in morali decisions. “We are shocked that what is actually happening is that innovation is farming,” he said, adding: “Our culture is completely blocked by everything that is culturally isolated or implicitly designed to qualify as an infrastructure supporter.

In this desolate scenario, Vorick is convinced that we want to “consider internet recycling” to decentralize and impose what we do not control in part by arbitrary decisions.

The fine version of this discourse, the information does not seem to be the motive for what is most interested in Bitcoin (quotation: BTC). When it comes to CryptoNews, this monetary system “works like a network of computer-assisted Internet users”. This decentralized network is inconsistent and neutral.

In this way, the cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakamoto stabilizes a new paradigm that points to more information and non-government communications and power at the moment. A vision that enriches more information and applications of human freedom.

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