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Forex Trading Robot


Anger conquers fear Thomas Shelby

IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after purchasing to receive instructions and a bonus!

For the EA to work correctly follow all the guidelines to trade.​

The Expert Advisor is designed to be used for aggressive trading.
The EA has developed new methods to determine which direction the trend is heading.
The Expert Advisor trades with a minimum profit by using a system without loss, controlling every trade.

Monitoring of real trading in my account -

Divide the available capital into 10 parts
Open an account for a minimum of $ 1000
Reserve your funds in your own account.
Withdraw profit every day after the conclusion of all transactions.
Each time you withdraw funds, record your profit on an account separate from the reserve funds. Up to the point of reaching an amount that is equal to amount of reserve funds.
If you experience a loss of your deposit (it occurs at some point), do not be afraid to start with 100 dollars (reserve fund plus profit fund) It will give you total assurance that you will make profits in the long term
Follow clear control rules!
Carefully read the first discussions of the advisor available here #1 (!tab=comments&page=1&comment=24115189)
(all information provided, plus settings and additional information)


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I found the reason it is \"zero account\" when i change to \"raw account\" it is ok. what kind account did you use your singnal?