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The year 2022 is upon us. The world elite, who secretly proclaimed the concept of the \"golden billion\", continues to implement its insidious plan for the financial enslavement of the population. Most of the inhabitants of planet Earth do not realize that they are being manipulated. span>p>
Programmers-insurgents from around the world, immune to psychological manipulation and digital zombification, were able to gain access to the core of the main server of the global elite, which has quantum artificial intelligence and controls the entire financial system. The quantum artificial intelligence network \"Puppet Master\" detected unauthorized access and shut down the transmission channel of top-secret data, but the rebels managed to obtain important algorithms that control the market.p>
As sanctions were imposed on the rebels, having lost the ability to directly access FOREX market management, they went into hiding and passed the stolen algorithms in encrypted form to awakened traders, who engaged in a fierce battle with the existing world order. It was the traders who became the main fighters for truth and financial freedom! The fate of the world's financial system is in their hands now! p>
The present robot consists of three secret and lost technologies, each one representing an autonomous trading system. You can use any of them.span> span>p>
The robot with the chosen strategy is placed on a separate EURUSD chart with H1 time frame and a unique \"Order magic\".p>
The strategy selection and selection of Stop Loss and Take Profit should be based on the \"Maximum Recovery Factor\" criterion. p> div>
Perform Stop Loss and Take Profit Optimization from 2015 at the earliest, it will give the best results.p>
The stop loss\/stake profit\/best mode optimization is only used to improve trading performance, the strategies remain the same.p>
The robot settings are as simple as possible, even inexperienced traders can figure them out.p>
List of settings:p>
  • Select strategy - choose from three available strategiesli>
    • Progressive lot - automatic lot depending on the amount of balance. To activate it, set the Fixed lot equal to zeroli>
      • Fixed lot - fixed lotli>
        • Stop lossli>
          • Take profitli> ul>
            Any questions? Write to personal messages, always ready to answer them. div>



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