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Trading robot CProBot v1.2 – divorce from Criptox

Another magic trading softwarethanks to which you can begin to receive stable profits in the cryptocurrency market, the company specialists offer you and me Criptox.

They talk about their unique trading robot, which is able to bring money to investors even without actively participating in trading. You just need to replenish your account, choose a tariff plan / trading pair and receive a profit.

So everything is easy and simple? Is all this true and we have found that very button “loot”?

Yeah, of course. It’s all a lie. And now I’ll tell you more about this.

Project Email Address

Attention! scammers very often change their scam addresses. Therefore, the name, address of the site or email may be different! If you did not find the desired address in the list, but the scam is very similar to that described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Project Information

Company LLC “MONEY AND MONEY” was established in 2017 and was able to become a successful company whose specialists developed our own product for trading on international trading floors. And now these guys are consistently earning on the volatility of cryptocurrency rates thanks to a unique trading robot CProBot v1.2.

I read the responses about the robot on the network. I did not find anything other than mentioning that the site is an ordinary hype. What, right away?

The project offers a huge selection of tariff plans, starting from STORM / ETH with a minimum contribution 20 dollarsincome 0.03% per hour and 5% bonus, and ending with tariffs in pairs of XRP / USD and BTC / PAX token (stablecoin) with a minimum 10,000 dollars and payments from 0.03% and up 0.13% in hour.

To start earning you need to do some simple steps:

  1. Go through the registration.
  2. Top up account.
  3. Choose your favorite plan.
  4. Invest in it.
  5. And start earning income, and then withdraw it to third-party payments.

The resource works with such EPS:

  • Perfect Money.
  • Advcash.
  • Bitcoin (BTC).

Only it is very interesting to me: where do the gentlemen the administrators and owners of the site get such income? Is it really so easy and simple to trade such amounts of money using the specified software? However, where are the proofs of obtaining this profitability? Where are the screenshots from personal accounts of crypto exchanges, from exchangers, from accounts and so on? This is all gone.

Referral bonuses are very profitable and reach up to 5000 dollars.

So I want to go through registration here and replenish the account, right?

But many did not understand that this is a normal hype, also “slag”.

Project Contacts

The site domain has been registered December 10, 2018.

Requisites: LLC “MONEY AND MONEY”, OGRN: 5157746173437, TIN: 7736258227, KPP: 772501001. All necessary licenses are also available. CEO: Danil Nuts.

Communication with the site administration:

Only here the whole point is that the addresses of the electronics are “fake”.

Why so? Why?

Yes because it arrogant bred.

Project exposure

Everything will be fast and in essence. First, I’ll say that pictures of employeesproject team members fake. These are just photos taken from the Internet, from other resources.

And here is another photo of the so-called “directors” – – it turns out

also Evgeny Kovalevich, CEO Unitrast Capital.

Why am I so sure of this that this is a scam? Yes, because the platform Criptox has no relation to the specified company LLC “MONEY AND MONEY”. After all, this is a mentioned and really existing company was registered in 2015, and not in 2017. And the main activity of the company is “Activities related to the use of computer technology and information technology, other”.

Firm It does not have the right to engage in trade in international markets, as well as offer financial services, including deposits to its customers. And here we are promised a huge profitability from investments in tariff plans, which actually do not exist!

Site domain age is 304 days (as of October 10, 2019). At the same time, a real organization has existed for several years. And this site has nothing to do with it.

Not too skilled cheaters decided to promote on a hype around the topic of trading robots and a young, promising cryptocurrency market. It just turned out that they are extremely bad. Even the statistics (at least “fake”) forgot to lay out.

Information about the developers is also missing. Not the fact that the robot CProBot v1.2 exists at all.

Possible losses on the project

  • Minimum deposit amount (STORM / ETH pair) – 20 dollars.
  • Maximum deposit amount – 100,000 dollars.

Total: minimally you can lose 20 dollars (such is the minimum deposit for investing in a STORM / ETH pair), well, and the maximum losses will be 100,000 dollars (this is the maximum deposit amount for all tariff plans)

Conclusion about the project

I love robotics. I perceive artificial intelligence in trading on world financial markets. But hype resources, the admins of which want to cash in on all these trends and deceive users, I can not stand.

Do not try to invest in such a “slag”.

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