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Video game developers are abandoning the P2E model!

Play to Earn (P2E) is one of the most important features of blockchain games today. Although they are not still known to the public, they have already received the attention of various actors, including the video game publication studios.

In fact, many video game development studios have expressed interest and willingness to enter the cryptocurrency sector by creating games based on the blockchain.

However, while untempo they were making statements of this type, the reality is that most of the main video game studios are reducing this strategy. Questo representa una vera e propria manna per l’industria ancora nascente degli developers di giochi P2E blockchain nativi della comunità delle criptovalute.

Implementazione dei mechanisms Play to Earn nei videogiochi. Più svantaggi che vantaggi:

A report published by Bloomberg indicates that many editors of video games do not see the speculative and lucrative element of NFT and cryptocurrency in games. There are several motives for which the majority of large development studies are choosing to stay away from Play to Earn and dalle cryptovalute.

In the first place, the implementation of an NFT function inside a game can lead to dissuguaglianze between players. Una disuguaglianza che, a lungo andare, causerà una divisione nella comunità dei giocatori, in quanto separa coloro che possono permittersi NFT ad alto prezzo da coloro che non possono farlo.

This argument was advanced by Minecraft developer Mojang Studio, but it is also shared by many other mainstream game developers. Per Mark Venturelli, developer of the successful game Relic Hunters, the use of NFT in a game can be harmful for the entertainment of players. According to the author, NFTs can potentially transform what was supposed to be a simple source of entertainment into a powerful tool for making money.

In addition, for many operators in the game sector, there are still no significant cases of cryptocurrency or NFT that can add real value to games.

Diverse researche conductte negli ultimi mesi hanno estabilito che l’industria dei videogiochi nel suo complesso non appreciza particulareamente il sistema Play to Earn o il mechanism GameFi in questo momento.

According to a survey conducted in August by the consulting software company Perforce, almost 49% of the 300 developers interviewed believe that NFTs have a minimal or null impact on their games.

Perdita di intereste da parte dei grandi editori per il concepto di giochi Play to Earn basati su blockchain

Following the results of this diverse analysis, it is not surprising that today the major studios have decided to put on hold their previous projects linked to all cryptocurrencies.

The example of Take-Two Interactive is a perfect representation of the ambivalence that currently prevails in the video game industry. Indeed, the studio responsible for the famous open-world game GTA has acquired the developer of mobile games Zynga for 11 billion dollars last year. In announcing the acquisition of the studio, the editor also affirmed that Zynga’s ambitions in blockchain matter had a role in its decision.

However, it is true that Zynga has announced in February the intention to launch its first blockchain-related game in the course of the year, but there have been no news from Zynga or Take-Two Interactive.

All the same, Square Enix has announced the launch of a Final Fantasy-themed NFT collection in July 2022. This announcement came a few months after Square Enix released statements about its aggressive efforts in research, development and neglect. investments: nei giochi blockchain.

In what way is the reluctance of the big video game studios positive for the cryptocurrency industry?

For many experts, the actual situation between the video game industry and that of the crypto currency is not positive for the world of crypto currency. In fact, the withdrawal of the majority of the main developers could allow the native cryptocurrency studios to develop their titles in a more organic way.

They will be able to produce contents much more in line with the spirit of the cryptocurrency, since they will not undergo external pressures from the multinationals. Only in this period innovative projects will have the chance to develop in peace.

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