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Want to fly to the casino – here are the detailed instructions from scammers

For a long time I have not met sites where there is only one video instruction on earnings and nothing more. Even in the casino, we are offered to play with you, using a supposedly excellent winning system for earning money on roulette.

Smacks it all ordinary scamYes, and the site is completely empty, because apart from the lonely footage, there is nothing here at all.

And then who is this unfortunate scam? Obviously, scammers have other platforms.

Okay, then we will understand.

Famous project names

Links to the project website


E-mail address of the project

Attention! scammers very often change the address of their scam. Therefore, the name, website address or email may be different! If you did not find the address in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Information about the project “Instructions for the game”

Combinations of winning numbers this mysterious young man named Sergei Voronin, tracks with the help of some tricky special programs, which for some reason do not particularly want to talk in more detail.

Go to the Roulette section and select European Roulette. Do not forget to register with the casino, as well as to replenish your account.

Then everything is simple: you need to choose the chip of the desired denomination (for example, 5 dollars, as in the video), then drag the chip and rely on the desired number (31). Next, click on Spin Roulette and wait for the winning number.

Your bet may lose, but you still need to keep betting on the number 31. And you need to bet until it wins.

And when the first win is finally held, you will need to put on a number from the list that this mysterious gentleman will send you in a letter (?). This number is 11. And put again until the number falls out.

Basic rules for betting:

  • in this casino and in this game the bet must always be 5 dollars;
  • Bids must be made in the order that this man will write to you in a letter (what kind of letter is this?);
  • put on numbers in strict order;
  • but the most important thing is that you need to win the amount that you write in the letter per day.

The main thing is to follow the instructions and game system.

Well, supposedly you can win in five minutes 195 dollars. It sounds tempting.

Project Contacts

Domain is registered to a private person.

Contact the administration, you can not, because any contacts on the site are simply absent.

Exposing the project “Instructions for the game”

All these stories about a particular method of making money on a particular site are the purest. deception. Moreover, there may be several schemes of deception:

  • the author of the video comes to collusion with the casino and he simply receives money for attracting naive users to the site, who then drain the deposit on the roulette wheel;
  • you pay real money for a dummy in the form of a more detailed instruction on earnings, which in fact does not work at all.

Both in the first and in the second case, we lose our deposit. Yes, and the site, on which this instruction is posted, has repeatedly appeared in fraudulent stories and scandals. And on the net you can find information about it. Users write that this is a resource-trap, where people enter their phone into the feedback form, and then they begin to write annoyingly on VibER, inviting them to various casinos.

No wonder this platform minus trust level (-10)and there is even a fraud charge.

You should understand that any casino is a scamSince in real life the corresponding algorithm is set up in the slot machines, which is designed so that the players lose everything, but a special script is always installed in the virtual casino. And you, too, drain money as soon as this script works.

It’s almost impossible to win here., and all these stories, instructions and schemes – all this is a normal divorce for money, hidden or even obvious.

Possible losses on the project “Instructions for the game”

  • The minimum bid is 5 dollars.
  • Refill Amount – 500 dollars (judging by the video).

Total: Lose at least 5 dollars (this is the minimum rate), although the maximum losses can be much greater, including 500 dollars (this is the amount that is best deposited in the casino account to start the game)

Conclusion about the project

The site does not even have a banal email address. No information and links to the casino, it is not clear how to register there and so on. Just someone Sergey Voronin posted a video on an empty site and now tells everything, and also shows how he wins.

Divorce is all, moreover, unfinished, poor quality and none at all.

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