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WeChat has all the cryptocurrency and NFT legal accounts:

In China, various decisions have been made against cryptocurrencies. Of course, 10 Chinese authorities have not yet received notice that the cryptocurrency has not been legally traded in the Netherlands. In addition, it is easy to see that cryptocurrency transactions are facilitated in China, which is illegal and that the exchange rate must be met directly in order to ensure that these services are open to Chinese citizens. This announcement does not include Non-Functional Tokens (NFT).

The most recent announcement made in China via WeChat, the main social media platform of the Netherlands. Second, the platform has updated its privacy policies for all accounts that offer cryptocurrency access and NFT services. This will make you feel a little tired of the stereo-typed conditions.

Second, the new online guide, which accounts for the issuance, trading and financing of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, often falls into the category of “illegal activities”.

Even if you provide services or relative content in the secondary transaction of digital collections, you will be treated for this item.

The best NFT platforms ever flown in China:

The decision of the government to revoke the cryptocurrency is a public issue. It’s interesting to note that WeChat continues to provide legally hosted but cryptocurrency services through its online policy with state-of-the-art publicity. Wu Blockchain, a cryptocurrency notification news reporter based in Hong Kong, estimated that WeChat has about $ 1.1 billion in private account holders in China.

Le politiche aggiornate menzionano anche le punizioni per i trasgressori.

A wide range of violets, the WeChat public platform, based on the gravity of the violets, ordinates the official account of the violets to be restricted within a time limit and limited functionality that will be fine and will not be permanent.

Independently of this decision, the NFT will also grant a certificate of flexibility in the Netherlands, if any may be acquired in fiat currency. Ol inoltre important notarers that the society and the platforms are forced to avoid problems in conformity to finance technology, succeeding in secondary trading.

Although the NFT may have been acquired by the China Banking Association, the China Internet Finance Association and the Securities Association of China, it has published a communiqué from April onwards to protect the public at the risk of bankruptcy. invest: in these products.

Owned by WeChat, WhaleTalk, owned by the Ant group, advertises the distance from the activity, restricting or limiting the platform that offers NFT services on your network. This is to avoid a potential turnaround in Beijing. It is a matter of course that the decision is due to the normal course of action.

Comunque sia, the NFT platform in China has been up and running for over a year, surpassing 500 units resetto 100 registered in February. What is the favorite interest of the Chinese tech giants like Alibaba and Tencent.

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