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What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in at this moment?

Tre lettere riassumono lo stato generale del mercato delle criptovalute. UGH. Some people used the expression “inverno delle criptovalute” to describe the dark cloud that alleggia su molte criptovalute.

Sono finiti i tempi cui si poteva acquistare quasi tutti i token digitali e vedreli salire alle stelle su platforms come Bitcoin Pro:. What is the best cryptocurrency to invest in at this moment?

Pensare a breve termine

It is much easier to answer this question if we concentrate only on the short term. Non tutte le criptovalute stanno afondando come un brickone. A type of cryptocurrency has resisted quite well. Mi reeferisco, obviously, alle stablecoin.

Because the stablecoin is close to anchoring its value to an underlying asset, it tends to be much less volatile than other cryptocurrencies. It is possible that the stablecoin lost its anchors (like in the case of the fiasco of TerraUSD and Terra). However, many of the principal stablecoins have not experienced a similar drama.

For example, the price of Tether has not changed much over the last 12 months. Tether is the largest stablecoin based on market capitalization.

Allo stesso modo, the second largest stablecoin – USD Coin – has only moved by a fraction of 0.01 dollars in the last year. Sia Tether che USD Coin sono agganciati al dollaro utilisante.

Per guadagnare investing in stable money, however, you need to puntare your own money. I migliori tassi che ho visto di recente per la participatione a Tether e USD Coin si aggirano intronno al 12%. Non è un rendezvous da capogiro, ma è molto meglio delle perdite che molte criptovalute hanno registrato quest’anno.

Think a long time

Se preferite pensare a longo termine, ci sono diversi factori da considerare. The current sell-off could represent a great opportunity to acquire a cryptocurrency that will probably prosper in the next decade and beyond.

Bitcoin is currently the most popular cryptocurrency. Its market cap of almost 400 billion dollars is much bigger than any other digital currency. Molti sostengono che il Bitcoin sia la criptovaluta più probabile nel longo periodo.

However, Ethereum offers a few distinct advantages compared to Bitcoin. Its blockchain is widely used. More than 40 of the largest cryptocurrencies for market capitalization are built on the Ethereum platform.

On the other hand, there is a long list of digital tokens that are smaller than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Many of these have a faster blockchain, greater capacity and lower transaction fees.

The answer is better

Probably the best answer to which is the best crypto currency to buy at this moment depends on… More precisely, it depends on your investment style.

Se siete avversi al rischio, fareste meglio a eevitera del tutto le cryptovalute. È possibile che non abbiamo ancora visto il peggio. Cryptocurrencies could sink deeper and take years to recover. Forse non si reprimeranno mai del tutto. Accatastare le stablecoin potrège essere un’alternativa migliore rispetto all’acquisto di altre criptovalute. However, this option carries some risks.

If you are more aggressive, but you still don’t feel comfortable in seeing your investments decrease in the short period, the purchase and the picchettamento of a stablecoin are probably more suitable for you. My choice in this scenario is USD Coin for its stability and transparency on the underlying reserve.

Ma se non vi preoccupano le perdite temporanee e remainante optimisti sul futuro longo termine delle criptovalute, credo che Ethereum possa essere la vostra migliore commessa. Certainly, alcuni rivals could gainadare terreno nei prossimi anni. However, I believe that Ethereum will maintain its leadership with the imminent fusion of the mainnet of Ethereum with the chain of proof-of-stake Beacon and subsequent updates.

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