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Yardoption – Doubtful Broker

Forex, trading, options, brokers – all these words like to use all sorts of crooks trying to mow under adult uncles from Wall Street. Scammers from Yardoption (or as they call themselves – IFIU Global Corp) also decided to use a fashionable theme to trick Internet users. Let’s take a closer look at this scam.

Famous project names

  • Yardoption
  • IFIU Global Corp

Links to the project website


E-mail address of the project

Attention! scammers very often change the address of their scam. Therefore, the name, website address or email may be different! If you did not find the address in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Information about the project “Platform Yardoption”

What can be learned on the main page of the site?

Trading Forex / Cfd is modernized trading portal, optimized for many requests, and created taking into account the wishes of users. Having such a source allows you to enter into transactions using the largest trading assets. We have all the tools available – from currency pairs to stocks.

On the “About Us” page there is the following sentence:

Yardoption was created for traders as a way to acquire CFD on an incredible platform that is easy to use. Our goal – make the trading process as useful and simple as possible.

In general, rogues are trying to convince users that they (users) have come to a real platform for traders. But this is not true.

Now let’s see how many crooks want to steal money from customers. I registered in the scam and got into the Personal Account. If you click on the button “Invest”, then the crooks offer a choice to transfer them 250 USD, 500 USD, 1000 USD, 4000 USD or any amount you like. Also scam artists accept bitcoins.

Project Contacts

Registration number FIFU Global Corp. VFSC, license RVB number 14873fake

Address: Address: Govant Building, Port Vila, Vanuatu P.O BOX 1276 (found on other scam for traders)

Telephones in Russia and Britain:

  • +44 203 8083745, +44 744 1921441
  • +7 499 6776075, +7 499 6776600


Site Technical Data

  • Domain registered for a long time – June 8, 2016
  • The name of the owner is hidden privacy settings
  • Ai pi
  • The server is located in the Netherlands

Exposing the project “Platform Yardoption”

That Yardoption fake forex platformno doubt. The site itself is cheap. He is bilingual. The rogues probably downloaded the template in English, but did not consider it completely necessary to translate it into Russian. This is a sign of obvious disrespect for users. A normal broker will respect investors. Besides, not all links on the site are working. For example, there is a “Training” page. If you go to this page and click on the button “Download book”, then nothing happens. No books. There is nothing to download.

Terms and Conditions captioned in Russian and text published completely in English. “Privacy policy” written too in English, unlike the title. But even with the help of an online translator, if you do not speak English, you will understand that the basic meaning of the text is simple: admins are not responsible for anything – you yourself came and you yourself lost everything, but they never even saw your money.

At the bottom of the site there are links to social networks, but they too don’t lead anywhere.

Below you can read a message in which the future investor carefully warns about the risks:

CFD / Forex trading carries high risk for your capital due to volatility in the underlying market. These products may not be suitable for all investors. Therefore, you should make sure that you understand the risks and seek advice from an independent financial advisor with an appropriate license.

The most interesting thing is that Yardoption fake license. Companies IFIU Global Corp not in the register of the regulatory authority, which is listed on the website of the broker:

However, if this is not enough for you, read the reviews on the Internet. ABOUT Yardoption You can find a lot of negative comments from people who have invested money in the project and lost it.

Possible losses on the project “Platform Yardoption”

  • The minimum suggested deposit amount is 250 dollars

Total: calculation of possible losses on the project from 250 USD and higher. You can lose a few thousand dollars!

Conclusion about the project

Company FIFU Global Corpfake. Portal Yardoption created by crooks. Do not waste your time and money. You can not earn anything, but the losses will be guaranteed.

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