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Sign In – a mining platform for mining cryptocurrency

We did not come up with such a clumsy title, it was the authors who tried. With the Russian language this site is quite a misfortune – clumsy translation, machine. Admins did not consider it necessary to rule something – there is no need, and so people will incur money. And because they are!

Do you want to do cloud mining and choose a platform for this purpose? offers an income of 1.8182% per day. Interesting offer? Not! Because it comes from crooks. Simple calculations show that in the year allegedly you can earn 654.5%but such a profit from mining could hope to get on the rise of cryptocurrency, but not now, when digital money has sunk heavily in price.

Famous project names

  • – Cloud Mining

Links to the project website

E-mail address of the project

  • Email address on the project no

Attention! scammers very often change the address of their scam. Therefore, the name, website address or email may be different! If you did not find the address in the list, but the scam is very similar to the one described, please contact us or write about it in the comments!

Project Information “”

What do the charlatans write about themselves? is an mining platform for mining cryptocurrency. We do not promise you a mountain of money and a comfortable future, but we will give everyone a chance.

How it is not promise mountains of gold? Even as promised!

What are the conditions put forward by crooks for supposedly earning?

You must register and log in to your account. After registration you will be charged a reward of 5 ghs

How do you like this passage:

This will allow everyone to try themselves in the field of cryptorasism mining!

What the authors had in mind, we also do not know. But to participate in this with your own money is somehow a dubious prospect.

What does profit depend on? From the amount of the deposit. The higher the amount, the higher in theory profit The payback period of the deposit is 55 days.. Will so much scam live? Not!

Also scammers offer to earn on their affiliate program. Payments on referrals – 10%.

Registration on the site is simple. Need only mail, login and password. Personal account looks standard for this kind of scam. There is a list of cryptocurrencies that interest crooks: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Zcash and so on.

Judging by the statistics, the project started April 22, 2019has joined the resource 460 investors, but payments on deposits have not yet begun.

There is no user agreement and rules on the site.

Project Contacts

Addresses scammers left. there is only feedback form. Not the fact that you answer.

Site technical data:

  • Domain was registered April 12, 2019
  • The name of the owner is hidden privacy settings
  • AI pi (399 more sites are located at this address)
  • Ai pi site in california

Exposing the project “”

Should I trust an anonymous resource? Should I trust people who did not introduce themselves and did not leave sane contact information? Is it worth it to invest in Three times no! not engaged in mining cryptocurrency. First of all, Where is the evidence for the existence of farms in data centers? They are not. No hardware description. No addresses of the physical location of data centers. And that means there are no farms.

Secondlywhere does the profit come from? We promise to pay a decent percentage. It can be obtained from scratch only in one case – when creating a financial pyramid! That is, we face a banal HYIP.

How do financial pyramids work? Participants who have invested money earlier receive money from people who have invested later.. Mine cryptocurrency for this is not necessary. What are bad pyramids? By the fact that they unstable and short-lived. For their existence, new participants must constantly join the project and they must invest more and more. The amount of money should grow exponentially – deposits should grow daily at times. At some point, the money will run out and the project will burst. However, the creators of scam do not wait for this moment. They close the HYIP when there are still enough funds in the accounts. Attachments crooks pocket.

How many pyramids live on average? Depending on the desires of their creators. If charlatans invest in the public relations of their scam, the project will last a couple of months, but specifically in the case of it will not happen. It will burst, at best, in a month, or even earlier.

Possible losses on the project “”

Total: amount of possible losses on the projectany amount you decide to invest.

Conclusion about the project – The usual HYIP project. Swindlers are not engaged in mining cryptocurrencies, and created a financial pyramid. Do not invest money in this scam! You will not be able to earn money, but you will lose money.

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